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Monday, February 15, 2016

Feel the Magic of 'Best Sellers'; That has Charmed Generations!

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'Best', the word alarms your mind about a claim of hyperbole. We might, as well dodge the content that claims being 'best'. True, there's an overdo of this word; which brings in the indignation on the table. But hold on for a while and think, ain't we generalising the fact? Isn't the real essence of the 'best', is getting blurred away down the line? No, we ain't some kind of advocates or proponents of the whole 'best' campaign. Just & simply a peruser of book; who like the word 'best' tagged along the books, that helps us select the authentic 'best books' for our bookshelves!

Connotation of the reading and books, has been preached over the centuries. And that would perpetually flow over the next centuries to come. But to a reader's heart, it will never get stodgy or mundane. The readers community love the smell of 'best books' and 'best selling books'. All you who can relate to what I just scribbled, are surely either avid readers or having the lust for knowledge. There's a whole lot of gifts, that the cabinet of best selling books has to offer. How about revisiting few of them, and get inclined to pick up another book for reading!

Daily soaps on television and gibberish movies, thrown on the silver screen; gets on the nerves of each one of us. How adversely has all these affected our minds and drained our memory and imagination, becomes a heated & debatable topic. But relax, we book-lovers has the solution on hand. Just like the Indian spices, solve every taste-related issues across the world. Books are the spices we offer. Just a sprinkling of best selling books, on every kids' upbringing days and the case rests forever. procrastinator turns, a literato. That's the power of the not-so-common-but common-looking 'Books Best-sellers'!

Best Books does everything that stands on the scale from contemplatives to the beauty of joy & laughter. Yes, the thoughtfulness of deep ideas, most of the time comes out of immensely humorous situations. Books best-sellers has the strength of bolstering the philosophical idea, through the pipeline of gruntling words.  Throwing away the boredom, to the garbage pail. Maybe, the word 'magic' goes into perfect sync of best selling books. They form a world of words; to entertain you, preach you, literate you and ease you. The best books, might look heavy in it's appearance but the way it deals with imparting ideas and philosophy is just amazing and enduring. Sometimes, after reading one such best selling books; you might wonder how simply have they explained the complexity of the whole idea and situation. Maybe, that's the beauty of the books. And that's what got them short-listed as the books best-sellers.

Our ancestors and elders have always spoken about the best books; they open up a grand grandeur of imagination and ideation infront of you. The fringe benefit of these strata of bestsellers, is even more helpful. These are the books, that gets high recommendation of generation together – the 'Tried & Tested' tag! So you can never go wrong while picking up the book, from the best selling books gallore!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Season's Best Books, Slashed Prices, Up to 50% Discount & More @Infibeam

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If you’re someone who loves reading and ensuring that you’re reading from a variety of genres covering various topics that will leave you with a treasure trove of information. Whether you’re someone who loves to collect books and have them adorn your bookshelves or you’re a beginner who has dabbled with reading a little bit but hasn’t figured out what to read, or which genre excites you, there is something for you. There is fantasy, fiction, horror, management books, health and fitness and so many more, you can explore the vast range of best selling books offered by Infibeam with discounts of up to 50%.

One of the most popular genres that are read by people include romance. What is life without love? Even if it is fiction - Durjoy Datta is one of India’s up and coming authors who strings together beautiful tales of love for the modern age. One of the books bestsellers that seems to have taken the writing scene by storm is ‘The World’s best Boyfriend’. A love-hate story that revolves around 2 youngsters who seem to go through their complicated relationship and life. Durjoy Datta seems to have cracked the code on writing lovable characters. This book is one that you can easily finish is one sitting. 

With health taking centre stage in many of our lives, you can only imagine how many health and fitness books are out there. If you need the perfect book that will help you put all the myths about weight loss to trust who better than Shilpa Shetty. In her years in Bollywood, Shetty has always been in the best shape, even through motherhood she looked her fittest! Learn her secrets and traditional products, food habits and diets are possibly the answer to a great life. ‘The Great Indian Diet’ a bestseller by Shetty and Luke Coutinho is an excellent buy for the fitness freak bookworm.

The next on the bestsellers list is one that has transformed lives all over the world -The secret by Rhonda Byrne is about the law of attraction how you can achieve what you wish for in life, if you desire it as a product of which you can gain health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. The book is essentially a compilation of ancient wisdom found in texts from all over the world. 

The purpose of any book is to impart knowledge and the IAS, IBPS, GMAT, CAT, TOEFL and general study books by top publishers of these bestsellers will help in achieving your dream career! These books have question paper, tips and tracks to solve and get the best  results. It is hardwork that will help you achieve you goal and a little help from these books will just make your efforts worth it.

With so many product offerings, slashed prices and easy payment options, you trust Infibeam to drop off your favourite books right at your doorsteps. You can enjoy your weekends and your commutes while being entertained with these bestsellers.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Online Bookstore – A Planet For The Bibliophiles!

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Book. A four letter word; comprising of a whole world of thoughts and innovations, history and humour, frictions and fictions, motivation and introspection, and a held lot of other things. While playing with the game of words, books knows well how to play with mind, soul and emotions. They possess the power to raise, and also to raze. Provided, which one do you beguile. But one thing is assured, each one of them takes you to the places you might have never imagined about. Reading books, is like watching a dream with your eyes open. Each word christened onto the folio of the book, empowers your imaginary nerves and sketches a glorious picture in front of your eyesight. Books, are certainly the most essential element to be weaved into our lives. And those who can readily relate with this, are tend be diving into online bookstore; on a regular basis!

Some retrospect in the presence of nature. Some find solace amidst pets. While some rest into tranquillity of the words carved into paperbacks. All of these, enacts the support system humankind have strived since years. Not anything, but peace for sure is scored after happy hours of reading. To bask in the flavour of books, is a blissful experience one of it's kind. Even today, in the age of internet and e-books; the bearing with the hardbound books never cease to exist. Apparently, while we go for everything that's 'online'. The case of books, is tilted towards buying physical books than the e-books. Mankind might get spellbound over the comfort and convenience, the online world offers. But the reader spirit beneath the carcass; has only expanded the comfort line to buy books online. He's yet to be bemused by the e-book reading. The online market is too wish enough to apprehend the scenario; and has lined up more space for online book shop India, than the e-book section. Cause, there has a few things that is yet to find a replacement of itself. Books, my friend, is indeed one such thing. Ah! Not thing though, a companion! 
Anna Quindlen, a noted journalist and columnist, has rightly quoted for the books - “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” How fluently has she expounded about the spirit of books! There's a whole bunch of reader's community; that would readily agree with her. Not just this, but a lot of other 'overrated-looking' quotes on books. Cause, these species have experienced the magic books spreads. This species have one thing in common hobby, and that is to buy books online. Hectic schedules and bustling days don't allow one to go and visit brick & mortar book stores. That's the basic reason they opt for the online bookstore; sparing them a little more to invest in their dates with reading books.

The pre-eminence of books, is a universally accepted fact. The person who reads, develops the ability to analyse, question and breakthrough the ordinary thinking. He creates his own religion, values and morals. He's not easily influential, and definitely not naive to get easily influenced. He's opinionated, mostly on the right path (depending on the kind of books he read). Online book shop India, is an ocean of books. One just need to be cautious, while picking up the right one! Once it's in your hands; stretch an arm chair in the balcony, sip a brewing cup of coffee and wander through the wonders of the book!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

'Festive Books Offer': Time To Socialize With Books !

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Each one on the earth has a different story to tell. And each one of them, gives us a newfangled eyesight, to the world we live in. This, my friend, is immensely thought-provoking and opening a whole new doors to our age-old disposition, towards the world. Apparently, books does the same thing; on a larger ground. It takes you to the distinct lands, and their cultures. Depicting the stories, of humans – famous & infamous, splashy or quotidian, fierce or serene, et al. This helps, framing the minds with a broader outlook. The more one reads, the more he gets composed of that excess pride of owning the world. Little stories of history or fiction, introduces the man to the ground reality of human life & it's very existence. Hence the emphasis on books & reading. 

Festivals has as much co-relation with the books, as it has with the shopping-phenomena & celebration. Festive days, are to elevate one's mental and emotional spirits. This wind of festival engenders the flow of festive books offer. These paperbound creatures, brings solace to the reader; while on vacation from work. The ardour of books, would be much of delighted with the festive books offers; than any other offers striking the festive market. For them, it's this sole thing to splurge their money on. Everything else is frivolous. While the society continues the tradition of socializing during the festive days; a Bibliophile goes uninterrupted, fraternizing with the creatures in the books.

In past few years, the debate of the town has been over the race amongst the e-book and tactile books. Peruser might have tried their hands on those virtual books, but contentment comes from the haptic form of books; nevertheless. Maybe, that's why; though everything 'online' is saleable and trending, paperbound books are still the favoured ones than those e-books. The bias-tilt over the tactile books, is fair and ceaseless. Just as the festive season brings gay faces and harmony of the soul, the festive books offer the twin amount of joy to an avid reader. Paramountcy of live books and the smell of the pages is beyond price. One might opt buying a book online, instead from that brick and mortar shop. But seldom cases would be found, while they'll be picking the e-book over the tactile form of book. Adept and legendary poet, Gulzar, have been several times quoted the idea of promoting the warmth one gets to feel from the pages of books. The flavour of leafing through a book, couldn't be matched with the 'click and touch' method followed in case of e-book. Festive books offers, is thus the most earthy form left on the stage of technology. 
Studies show, that even as little as 6 minutes of reading bursts away 68% of stress. The study has also furthermore proved that, elders indulged into the act of reading stay healthy and avert the lengthy diseases like Alzheimers. Reading is also considered as a form of therapy, backed with scientific facts. Reading also helps, in overcoming depression and anxiety. Brains that are closer to reading and books, are more valued and intellectual than there counterparts. Festive books offer, is a place where almost all the patterned-readers' thirst is quenched with myriad books.

The online for of article reading is alluring to starters. But one must shelf a book, and read it, to experience the meaning of lengthy sentences. Interpreting and understanding, such long sentences is a form of art & skill. Much needed to grow as a reader, and indulge into even rich & worthy books of the ancient writers. And festive books offer on the online platform, have always been a treat for literature lovers. And why not? Books takes you to the places, you've never heard of!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

'Advantage India', Glance Through Kalam's Eye !

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Who thought the man behind the ballistic missile & launch vehicle technology; would be soo soft & simple at heart? Sneak into his thought world, and you'll be moved with the depth of his plain-looking words! Yes, we're talking of our new-age 'Mahatma', - 'The Missile Man of India'. Former president of India; whose soul left the mother earth, to explore the universe further. Our very own, Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. And as a parting gift to his nation; he enriched us with his last book named, 'Advantage India: From Challenge To Opportunity.' The book, that presented us the capsule to remodel India of his dreams – our dreams!
Advantage India is the bestowal, lavished upon to India; by Abdul Kalam. It's the last one, to the racks of APJ Abdul Kalam books. It was during 1998, that Abdul Kalam saw the seeds of revolutionary India by 2020. He wanted the new millennium, to be the age; where India emerges as knowledge superpower and developed nation. Along with the emphasis on India's ability to grow into a knowledge superpower; he also barbed the flaws that pulls us down. All the strengths & weaknesses of India, were put on one platter; by APJ Abdul Kalam.

Almost two decades in a row, and he haven't dropped out on his these dreams. And today, even after his pensive demise; he's apparently last words & set of opines is accumulated in a book named – 'Advantage India'. This book throws light on the path, which would lead India to thrive and become the knowledge superpower & developed nation. As as they, 'last but not the least'. This might be the last one to APJ Abdul Kalam Books; but it's equally augmenting as his preceding books.

“Rome was not build in a day.”; says a famous proverb. That's exactly, what Abdul Kalam endeavours to make youngsters understand. Being impatient, would take you anywhere. But at the same time, through his upcoming book – 'Advantage India', he makes it clear that hard work in the  right direction would always lead to fruitful results.

The book is co-authored by Srijan Pal Singh; an engineer from IIT-Lucknow & managemnt graduate from IIM-Ahmedabad. And this eminent book, from a list of APJ Abdul Kalam books, comes with the capsule to bring back the preeminet era of India; back again. And guess what, readers? Buying it from Infibeam's online site; brings you a fringe benefit of getting a book signed by the co-author. Yes! The first hundred buyers of the book, would receive a copy signed by the co-author of the book. Grab the opportunity, as it comes. Cause waiting is not an option, for the doers!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

“Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years” – Overwhelming Sale in Just a Week of Launch !

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The general population doesn't know what's happening, and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know.” quotes Noam Chomsky. And this perplexing sentence, makes a lot of sense. But with the change of wave and intellectual urge, population seek answers and are interested to know the whereabouts of many hush-hush political matters. Kashmir, is one such state that has been vandalised with several such hush-hush political propagandas. A S Daulat, with his book - “Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years” has brought many such under-grounded issues on Kashmir Politics. Thus, making the book the best seller in no time ! 

 Jehangir on his deathbed, expressed his love for Kashmir. And those words has marked it's place in defining Kashmir, with most befitting manner. Those words were, “Kashmir. Rest is worthless.” But the politicians from India and Pakistan, has turned it into a board of chess. A S Daulat has witnessed that sullied game of chess, in the name of Kashmir. It was during the time span of 1998 to 2004, that A S Daulat was posted into Kashmir, and what he saw there was heart-rending to him. And he took the revolution in his hands, and chose the path of talking. He knew that's how the peace can be brought in. And Vaypayee, the then, Prime Minister, backed Daulat through his projects. Daulat was also an advisor on Kashmir issues to Vajpayee, at that point. And the duo carried out a movement to bring in the 'heavenly atmosphere', back in Kashmir.

With all that secrets this book carries with itself, the readers from all genres have been attracted towards this book. Infibeam has been successful in delivering a multitude of copies till date. And we're still counting. Place your order now to buy this book Visit:

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Triumph Of The Mountaineers, Gets A Pat From PM

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'The Great Himalayan Climb' – Exclusively Available on Infibeam on the golden jubilee celebration !

“It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” - wrote Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb the Everest. And when a bunch of Indian mountaineers had conquered this huge mountain, way back in 1965, the wave of victory blew throughout the nation as well as the universe. 50 years in a row, and you could still hear those sounds of victory in the ears. To gratify those victorious souls, their book named 'The Great Himalayan Climb' has been relaunched. And who would be a better select to launch it, rather than our Prime Minister – Narendra Modi, who himself have been a mountaineer. The Golden Jubilee Launch has been made even more eventful, with the foreword by PM Modi himself.

 They say alp is the space of rock hearts. And Mount Everest is the epitome of all alp. And climbing this epitome of alps, in just 85 days, thrives the sense of achievement in every Indian soul. It was a team of spirit that brought, this sense of achievement. Year 1965 has been marked itself on the golden plate and brought India a moment of pride. And the climbers that have made India proud as a peacock, were Lt. Cdr. M.S.Kohli, Manoj N. Kumar and their team mates. And in honour of those smashers, the Prime Minister went down to meet all the survivors and kin of survivors. On the occasion, he also quoted about them being the inspiration for him too, alike thousands of other  mountaineers. Too buy the book on exclusive deals Visit:

Trekking and mountain hiking, seems to be pumping up in the list of hobbies we as humans have developed. And our PM Modi also have been a hiker once. A wanderer into the alp of Himalayan ranges. And thus, the foreword by him for the book – that is guideline for bundle of other mountain hikers, seems to be very apt in today's era.

Book is an exploration into the places one might have never seen or experienced. And when it's about the personages around the world, books hand you with a room to meet up personally with them. Flourishing yourself, with the ample of life learning and guidelines. M.S. Kohli and Manoj Kumar are listed under such personages for the trekkers aiming for the epitome of alp – The Mount Everest.

The moment has prevailed to be significant, throughout the five decades. And even today, the book about them is said to be a bible to Indian mountaineers. That is only because the perseverance and will power of those nine brave hearts along with ten gallant colleagues. They landed on the edge of Everest - upheaving India's flag up there, was acknowledged through all the alpine clubs of far away nations.

M.S. Kohli, Manoj Kumar and their team, truly took that untrodden path. And showed a new destination to the world. And for all those tenacious trekkers, willing to take this path, should definitely pick this book to reach the peak. Which, on the golden jubilee occasion, is exclusively available on And that too with the foreword by PM Narendra Modi !

Friday, July 3, 2015

APJ Abdul Kalam books – A Reservoir of Struggles, Ideas, Dreams, & Visions

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Eminent Scientist and the 11th President of India (2002 to 2007), Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is also well-known author of several inspiring best-selling books of modern Indian writing in English. His stature and his achievements precede him when it comes to choosing books at a book-store.

His comes from a humble background in which he had to sell newspapers from door to door to meets the financial needs of his family in Rameswaram. He later went on to become the Missile Man of India for his work in the development of ballistic missile and launch vehicle technology. He played a crucial organizational, technical and political role in India's Pokhran-II nuclear tests in 1998, the first since the original nuclear test by India in 1974

He is also the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna. In 2011, he launched a mission called the What Can I Give Movement for the youth of India to beat the prevalent corruption.

All his experiences and his inclination towards the development of the country, have culminated and poured out into the books he has written. They have a general tone of development, potential and growth of India. It was reported that there was a considerable demand for the translation of all his books in South Korea for he has extensively advocated making India a super power.

In his book India 2020 Kalam stresses on the fact that India has all the capabilities of becoming a knowledge super power and a developed nation by the year 2020. He has laid out an entire road map that includes a Nuclear Weapons Programme that could assure India's position as one of the super-powerful nations of the world.

Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India is the result of his extensive discussions with school children, students, teaches, saints, seers, and scientists in a course of two years. It answers the question that in spite of having all the potential, why India is not gaining momentum when it comes to growth and progress. It claims to fire up the young minds and will give them wings to unleash the energy within a country that hasn’t yet allowed itself full reign.

Wings of Fire is the humble man's autobiography that delineates the timeline of his rise from obscurity with his personal and professional struggles, to a how he raised India to becoming a missile power of international reckoning, as well as how Agni, Prithvi, Akash, Trishul and Nag-missiles that have become household names in India. From the shores of Rameswaram to the throne in the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the books documents it all and a lot more.

Turning Point: A Journey through Challenges comes as a sequel to Kalam's autobiography. However, this book talks less about himself and more about his dreams and visions he had for the development of India. It takes off from the point where he became the President of India and the obstacles he faced there onwards. The span of time in which he was the President is considered to be an eventful golden time for the country, and Kalam's relentless efforts to use the office to its optimum have been described beautifully in the book.

In all, he has written 13 books, each one a better resource of knowledge and ideas than the other. The other books by Kalam like Indomitable Spirit, Inspiring Thoughts, Mission India, and The Luminous Sparks, along with others have also left an unforgettable mark on the psyche of the readers. He is also a poet who has penned several beautiful poems and songs that talk about his innate feelings towards his motherland, India.

Buying all Abdul Kalam books at one place isn’t a hurdle anymore. The best way to buy them all is online. Infibeam is a one-stop destination for all books by the celebrated writes. There is an entire store dedicated to only books by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. You will also find his biographies and other books related to him on this store. The books are even translated in other languages like Hindi for readers.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Shop for Books for All Competitive Exams on Infibeam

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Books have the potential to make anybody cheer up. They fill you with insights and act as a source of true inspiration. Some books help you build yourself for great challenges. They help you address any challenge that comes your way. Books prepare you to face any battle you would experience in life. Books are of great worth and also fill a friend's place.

Books hold a lot of importance in people's lives right from their childhood. They allow us to learn new things. They bring a lot of motivation. Developing a habit of reading books can benefit us a lot. It helps us in working more harder by opening up the success stories of the successful people before us.

There are various types of books in the market ranging from School Books, Exam books, Novel, Fiction stories, Poems etc. Books are the perfect partners for the students who are looking forward to the various competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, Engineering exams, Medical exams, CAT etc.

competitive exam books

Solved papers entrance books are also very popular these days as they give solution to the previous papers which can help the students during their preparation. You can shop for these books at a discounted price at Infibeam.

If you have your exams around the corner and you think you lack confidence, shop for competitive books on Infibeam. You would certainly find books that would prepare you for questions on mathematical reasoning or language aptitude. These books are available at a discounted rate. The collection includes competitive exam books, entrance exam books, etc.

You can also find books that would thoroughly prepare you for bank examinations. These include SBI books, a workbook on principles and practices of banking. For all those who need to brush up their skills, this book could come in handy. The books also help refresh your mathematical skills and solve questions within no time. Improve your level of aptitude with these useful competitive books.

If you're looking to buy Bank exam books, UPSC books, UGC books, SSC books, General Knowledge books, School text books, Law books etc, Infibeam is one such destination where you can shop them at a discounted price.

When you are looking to buy online competitive books, shop at Infibeam for more options such as bank clerical books that would make you proficient with different kinds of language such as English, Hindi, and others.

Infibeam is one such destination which provides hassle free shopping with various payment options like Credit card, Debit card, Net banking etc. You can also opt for cash on delivery.

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