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Mumbai Confidential By Saurav Mohapatra And Artist Vivek Shinde Is Now Available At Infibeam

Ahmedabad, India; May 29, 2013: 'Mumbai Confidential' by Saurav Mohapatra is a crime noir comic book series, a genre that has faded in today's times but this book is surely to revive the magic of pulp fiction back into action. Vivek Shinde, the illustrator of this book, has rendered his best artistry which is in complete tune with the story line and in fact, adds to the drama, violence, sentiments and emotions expressed in the book.

The book revolves around the life of a Good Cop, Bad Cop and a Gangster living in the city of Mumbai, the city that is known for its extreme. Mumbai shares the legacy of being the most posh city with all the Bollywood stars living in it while it is also famous for its seedy and most populated locales and underworld. Vivek Shinde's art depicts these extremities of Mumbai city in a very apt and dramatic way.

Arjun Kadam, a rising police officer who has gained name in the Mumbai Encounter Squad falls from the grace as he gets into depression and drug addiction on account of the demise of his pregnant wife. Kadam becomes a hit-and-run victim and goes into a comma for a month. Once he gains consciousness he is infused with a new awakening and gets a sense of purpose. He pursues the investigation of the incident and makes his journey into the dark depths of the Mumbai City.

Here's what Sam Rhodes of Fanboy Comics had to say about Mumbai Confidential, "I'm not a noir expert, but I've seen the classics: Chinatown, The Maltese Falcon, Touch of Evil, Out of the Past.  You get the idea.  I love this genre, I love the thrills, I love the characters, the twists, the violence, and treachery.  It's a genre where nothing means what you think it means, and everyone has a secret, a dark past, and ulterior motives. It's a genre with a deep and ongoing history, and Archaia's new hardcover graphic novel, Mumbai Confidential, from writer Saurav Mohapatra and artist Vivek Shinde is an inky, burning fuse of a story that deserves a place alongside the classics."

The first installment of the Mumbai Confidential series is out with the title of Good Cop, Bad Cop. It is a must read for all the fans of the retro 'Pulp Fiction' world. This book is now available at the moment at the leading online shopping sites like

About Author:
Saurav Mohapatra is an IIT Kharagpur pass out who emigrated to the U.S in 2000. He is a co-founder of Dimdim inc. a company that is into open source web conferencing. He came to the limelight when he started writing Comic book that resembled the 'Pulp-Fiction' era. He has several comic books to his credits such as Devi where he was a co-writer with Siddharth Kotian and Samit Basu. He is out with his latest Mumbai Confidential which is a crime-noir comic book.

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